Emotionally Healthy Soul

Guided Meditations to cultivate emotional wellness  

Good mental health is not the absence of difficult emotions but rather the ability to navigate through them. Emotions have a profound impact on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Tending to our emotions supports health, while suppressing them can impact our immunity, cardiovascular health, digestion, sleep, and nervous system.

Emotions communicate how we are responding to the world around us. They influence our thoughts, behaviors, and physical feelings. Emotions are informative and serve as messengers whether we are aware of them or not, and often reveal our deepest values and fears.  Exploring how emotions manifest in your body, mind, and actions will help you to become more connected with yourself and others.

The Well is excited to partner with therapist Danielle Tomlinson, LMFT-A,  to help us better understand, care for,  and nurture our emotions to build resilience and thrive.

Starting February 14th,  we will be releasing a daily guided meditation that tends to a specific emotion from the emotions wheel, available on our app and website. Sign up below to receive these meditations by email Monday through Friday at 6am. We look forward to cultivating emotional wellness and resilience together!