Experience Divine Love

Rev. Aaron Bjerke

Welcome to The Well’s Emotionally Healthy Soul meditations to cultivate emotional wellness.

Today’s meditation will focus on experiencing Love. I am sure that as I say the word, “love,” you have an experience of your own that comes to mind. Love can be felt in the unbreakable bond of friendship, the nurturing parent, or even the cherished pet. 

Love is a strong feeling of warm personal attachment and deep affection, and it is a fundamental human need. We can say that to love and to be loved is hard-wired into our very nature, and its lack can manifest as insecurity, loneliness, and even difficulty coping with stress. 

Love gives life meaning and purpose by providing a sense of belonging and connection to something greater than oneself. 

Today, we will connect to the experience of Divine love, which is readily and infinitely available to you.

Let’s begin today’s meditation