Music At The Well

What is Music at The Well?

Music at The Well is where hope and beauty meet. Our music is inspired by personal encounters with God through ancient poems and scripture.

On Sundays we sing a mix of original music by our worship director, Alison Maddox, and other old and new worship songs.  We are excited to share that we've begun to make these original songs available on all major music platforms.

Our heart is that these recordings will be a resource for you as you connect with God throughout your week and find new ways to divine encounters.

Keep Hope Alive

Keep Hope Alive is a studio album of original worship songs that are each based on a different Psalm from the Hebrew Bible.
Produced by Artist-In-Residence James Maddox, written and directed by Worship Director Alison Maddox, and recorded at the Bunker Studio and Studio G in Brooklyn, NY.

Praise Be

Written by Alison Maddox
Production and engineering by James Maddox

Walk With You
(Psalm 119)

Written and sung by Alison Maddox
Production and engineering by James Maddox


If you're a musician interested in collaborating with us, please email us at
We look forward to hearing from you!