Artist Collaborations
at The Well

Painting by: Jinwon Chang

Art & Beauty

At The Well, we believe that art and beauty can touch and speak into areas of life in a way that words often can't reach.

We love inviting artists to share their artistic expression of connecting with God and their spiritual journey of self-discovery.

David Chang / Calligrapher

"Sometimes writing says it better than expressing it for me.

The words when I'm drawing, flow from a personal experience with The Divine.

It took me a while to find a valid expression of what my faith meant to me.  Calligraphy has become a meditative space ."

- David Chang

(Featured in Power of Dignity, Sundays at The Well on July 12, 2020)

Jinwon Chang / Painter

Eternal Beauty collection
(Featured in Restoring Imagination, Sundays at The Well on August 16, 2020)

Laura Gauthier / Textile Artist

"When I think about textiles/coverings, I consider the juxtaposition of softness and strength.

Fabrics cover us, they're soft, malleable, but also offer security and we use them to communicate in our dress and living spaces.

The surface design of this textile is industrial and structured while the fabric is lightweight silk velvet that shines in the light like metal."

- Laura Gauthier

(Featured in the song O Love (above) from the You Can be Strong & Courageous service, Sundays at The Well on November 22, 2020)

Christine Miller / Conceptual Artist

“It took me so long to believe that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. My artist’s focus normally centers around visual imagery and histories that show narratives of black people as less than human, beautiful - less than the way God designed us.

This project was a self care project that centers black women as its focus and a reminder to continually see myself and my skin in the highest light”.


(Featured in the song It Is Well (left) from the Experiencing the Empathy of Jesus service, Sundays at The Well on January 17, 2021)

Max McLean / Actor

Max McLean is an award-winning actor and founder and artistic director of New York City-based Fellowship for Performing Arts.

His stage adaptations include: The Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert, The Great Divorce, Genesis and Mark’s Gospel. His recent writing and producing credits include Martin Luther on Trial.

As an actor, he created the roles of The Screwtape Letters in New York, on national tour and in London; the role of C.S. Lewis in The Most Reluctant Convert on national tour and in an extended 15-week run in New York; Mark in Mark’s Gospel; and Storyteller in Genesis.

(Featured in Experiencing the Oneness of Jesus, Sundays at The Well on January 10, 2021)


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