Artist Collaborations
at The Well

Painting by: Jinwon Chang

Art & Beauty

At The Well, we believe that art and beauty can touch areas of life in a way that words alone often cannot.

We love inviting artists to share their artistic expression of connecting with God and sharing their spiritual journey of discovery.

 DAVID CHANG  |  Calligrapher

"Sometimes writing says it better than any other expression for me. The words when I'm drawing flow from a personal experience with The Divine. It took me a while to find a valid expression of what my faith meant to me.  Calligraphy has become not only a form of artistic expression but a meditative space."

David Chang's masterful study of calligraphy is driven by a passion for “bringing the essence of a word or message to life.” Chang's calligraphic mark —vacillating between traditional scripts and contemporary abstraction— issues statements of personal, cultural, and spiritual awareness while retaining a formal beauty full of urgency and redemption.

(Featured in ongoing collaboration as one of The Well's Artist-in-Residence)


Amanda is an author and founder of Epiphany Press, which is a publishing company that seeks to reinvent ancient biblical parables for our modern day enjoyment and enlightenment. Her new book, The Healing Tree, is a modern day parable that begins in the Advent season leading up to Christmas.

It takes place in a greenhouse in Arizona where an essential oil farmer is planting a frankincense seed. As this modern day parable unfolds, adult readers are encouraged to process his or her own experiences where we choose to believe in a divine love even in the darkest of times, as well as when we choose to wonder at how this divine love works all things out for our good.

For the kids there is a working deeper section at the end of the book which can be used as a guide to further explore the many truths hidden throughout the illustration of the book itself.

Exhibited The Healing Tree at The Well December 2023


Amber Heaton creates colorful, geometric installations, mixed media works, paintings, and works on paper. She received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in Printmaking in 2012, a BFA from the University of Utah in Printmaking and Sculpture in 2009, and a BUS in Human Diversity from the University of Utah in 1998.

She says: "My work lies in the tradition of creating spaces that embody the sensation of the sacred or mystical....With influences from Euclidean diagrams to Minimalism and Textile Art, I construct patterns with a sense of vibration, establishing a physical relationship to the eye and the body. I play with relationships between the physical and the metaphysical. Using scale, abstraction, and repetition, I devise spatial relationships with psychological tension and release. These psychological spaces give me room to consider human interactions in a visual way, and my geometries become metaphors for those interactions. Compositionally, I want each work to come to a state of equilibrium, and to emanate a sense of calm and openness."

Exhibited a collection of work at The Well in October 2023


Expressive techniques symbolize the rugged journey we undertake, marked by imperfections, mistakes, and personal struggles. Yet, it is within these very imperfections that we uncover the profound beauty that emerges.

ChanMi Jung Pyles is a contemporary artist whose works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her poetry and art have also been published with the award-winning print magazine, Truly.

(Currently featuring Take Heart exhibit, Sundays at The Well July 2023 - June 2024)

TANYA HAGLUND  |  Dancer -Performer

Tanya Haglund is grateful to be involved in meaningful work in New York City and abroad. She has been seen as an original in Broadway shows such as the most recent revival of Kiss Me, Kate and Head Over Heels as well as the national tour of Chicago. Additionally, she has been fortunate to work at the MUNY, Arizona Opera, Sacramento Music Circus, and Park Avenue Armory as well as on TV on the Tony Awards and NBC’s Today Show. She is a proud Arizona Wildcat with a BFA in Dance and happily married to her husband, Lars.

MIKE MCMANUS  |  Forger - Sculptor

Psalms 46:2: “Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea...”

Reading this verse struck the artist into actually thinking about watching the mountains fall into the sea; would the people of God truly not fear? How did we handle not fearing during covid? We all know the last verse of this Psalm, “Be still and know that I am God,” but this is not easy. Our peace is in the midst of the world seemingly coming apart.  Psalm 46:2 is a visual interpretation of the world falling apart around us as we stay still, in peace, knowing God is God, and therefore trusting in God.

Mike McManus is a New York City born and raised multi-hyphenate artist. He primarily works with metal, welding and forging steel and coper, as well as working with canvas and paper. McManus is currently Urban Studio Unbound’s Artist In Residence at Warburton Galerie in downtown Yonkers, and his artwork has been featured in numerous exhibits in and around NYC since 2009.

(Exhibited work Psalm 46:2 at The Well May - June 2023)


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