Studio at The Well

What is Studio at the Well?

Studio at The Well offers you an avenue to build a personal practice of attuning your mind, body, and soul to the presence of the Divine through a variety of ancient guided meditation practices.

A Trappist monk once said: "In Silence God ceases to be an object and becomes an experience." We believe silence and stillness are our avenues toward understanding and drawing closer to the Divine. It is through a posture of surrender that we come to know the Divine and ourselves in a way that is freeing and life-giving.

Participants come from various spiritual and religious backgrounds and all walks of life. Whatever you believe, you are welcome here.

Next meditation series: June 10th, July 15th, August 12th
Location: 109 East 31st Street @7pm

Rewiring Your Brain

When you encounter disappointment or stress, your mind naturally wanders to places. The wandering points to a pre-existing neural pathway formed through repeated thoughts and feelings. For example, if you worry or fixate on anxious thoughts, you strengthen neural pathways of anxiety. Every thought you think, every feeling you feel, strengthens the circuitry in your brain.

Whatever you are journeying through right now, we invite you to cultivate new neural pathways of curiosity and wonder to help you access pathways of peace in all circumstances.

Guided Meditations

Overcoming Fear
Cultivating Peace
Sacred Prayers of the Heart