Studio at The Well

What is Studio at The Well?

Studio at The Well offers you an avenue to build a personal practice of attuning your mind, body, and soul to the presence of the Divine through a variety of ancient guided meditation practices.

A Trappist monk once said: "In Silence God ceases to be an object and becomes an experience." We believe silence and stillness are our avenues toward understanding and drawing closer to the Divine. It is through a posture of surrender that we come to know the Divine and ourselves in a way that is freeing and life-giving.

Join our monthly meditations this summer on Monday evenings (June 13, July 18, and August 15) from 7:00-7:45pm online and in-person to experience the peace and joy that flows through cultivating an interior silence.

Location: 109 East 31st Street
Online: Zoom Link

Guided Meditation Experiences

Our guided meditations offer different paths to commune with the Divine.

Participants come from various spiritual and religious backgrounds and all walks of life.

Whatever you believe and whoever you believe in, you are welcome here.

Below are some of the meditations we offer

Emotional Healthy Soul

How do we learn to become the fullest version of ourselves? Identifying, understanding, and learning to create space to interact with our emotions helps to provide the wisdom and clarity we’re often longing for. This meditation sheds light into a specific thought or narrative we’re stuck in and helps guide our actions and decisions to align with what is true.


Can we really hear from God? How do we grow to sense his divine presence at all times? The gift of silence may be the deepest form of communion with God available to us. This discipline helps strengthen the muscle we need in order to hear from God and sense his presence. This meditation provides a glimpse of what it means to ‘pray without ceasing’.

Neighbor & Self

Many of us struggle to love ourselves. We easily carry bitterness towards others. We wish we had more empathy. Struggles such as these block our ability to know and experience God. We learn to love God when we learn to love ourselves and others. This meditation deeply connects the self with others and with God.

The Cloud

No matter what ideas or words we use to describe God, they fall short; he is a pure entity, beyond the human capacity for intellectual conception. The distance between our understanding and his nature has been described as a cloud. If God is Love, then the way to pierce the cloud and know him is through pure love. The goal in this meditation is to return to the presence of God in love and through love.

Art & Beauty

Curious about how to deepen or grow in your spirituality? Art has played an essential role in the Christian faith. It is through art people are given different windows into humanity and spirituality. This meditation will help you learn to ask questions that give you further insight into yourself and God.


Experience the Divine through the light of fire. Candles, the oldest resource for prayer and meditation, connects us with ancient faith. This prayer experience provides a powerful and natural focus on the Divine. Discover a deeper meaning to the transitory nature of life by beholding our fragility and the persistence of God.

The Jesus Prayer

Do you sometimes experience the nagging sensation of running on empty? When we feel drained, our first response is not usually to seek the Divine. Prayer can oftentimes feel hard to sustain for more than two meaningful minutes. This ancient prayer of invocation turns our entire being towards God and provides a sense of fullness with a spiritual inner-focus that will remain for days afterward.


What does it mean to live with inner-rest? In the city that never sleeps, rest can be rare. But without it our lives become more tumultuous and overwhelming. This meditation is particularly helpful during seasons of feeling dry or in need of increased energy to pursue God, life, or faith.